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Calico 9mm Drum Magazine Tips
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The helical-feed magazine must be loaded through the feed lips, one round at a time like most other 9mm magazines.

The magazine is equipped with a spring release, so the rounds may be inserted into the magazine with no spring resistance.

To load the magazine, first release any spring tension by pushing the spring release button in the center of the winder.

When unwinding the magazine, always push the spring release button in quickly, push it in all the way, and hold it until the spring has fully unwound. Doing it slowly or partially or releasing it too soon will cause clutch damage.

Then turn the winder just enough to make the follower visible in the feed lips.

Load one round by pushing the rim down against the follower until the rim can slide back under the feed lips.

Repeat the procedure until the magazine is fully loaded.

It will be helpful to push the spring release button 2 or 3 times while loading, as the tension buildup will somewhat hamper the loading process.

NEVER FORCE A ROUND INTO THE MAGAZINE! The magazine can be seriously damaged.

50-round magazines: After loading 50 rounds into the magazine, turn the winder through ten (10) complete turns.

100-round magazines: After loading 100 rounds into the magazine, turn the winder through twenty-three (23) complete turns.

There is a raised line on the back of the winder to help you count the turns. If your magazine has a swing-out crank handle, the counting is natural.

CAUTION: DO NOT OVERWIND THE MAGAZINE! Although the torque spring is designed to survive 100% overwind, overwinding may damage the spring and will significantly increase the force necessary to strip a round from the feed lips.

If the rotation of the cartridge carrier seems sluggish, or if the rounds fail to feed properly, it is most likely due to excessively lubricated or dirty ammunition. Use only CLEAN ammunition for good results.
Always be sure the firearm is unloaded before working on it!