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Calico magazine repair | .22LR magazine tips | 9mm magazine tips

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"Calico Questions Answered"

Q. Do you work for Calico?
Q. Are you a gun dealer or gunsmith?

A. No, no, and no.

Q. Can I get my Calico clip / drum / magazine repaired?

A. Yes! details...

Q. How many times do I wind my Calico magazine?

A. Here's a handy chart:

Calico Magazine Winding
100-round .22LR 15 turns
50-round 9mm 10 turns
100-round 9mm 23 turns

Q. Is Calico still in business?
Q. How can I contact Calico?
Q. Where can I order Calico parts, accessories and/or owner's manuals?

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Individual Calico Models

Photos, specifications, values, etc.- these pages need more work but I hope they help.

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A1. Replacement .22LR magazine springs (stainless steel and regular) can be ordered here.

A2. For all other parts & accessories, Calico is still in business and you can order parts and accessories through them. See details and their parts price list here. You can contact them at:

Calico Light Weapon Systems
1090 Hemlock St
Elgin, Oregon 97827
fax 541-437-1035

Q. Can you tell by serial number when my Calico was made?

A1. They used to. I would e-mail them first to check, but they used to look up a gun's serial number and let you know when it was made if you sent them your gun's exact MODEL and SERIAL number, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. See previous question.

Q. How many Calico 22LR / 9mm pistols / rifles / carbines have ever been produced?

A. I don't know for sure, but the (gag!) Violence Policy Center has posted what they claim to be Calico's production figures through 1994.

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Q. Where can I buy a Calico firearm?

A1. Contact Calico for the latest details on their distribution and sales.

A2. You can usually find used and "new-in-the-box" current and discontinued models at various classified ad and auction sites on the Web. You can use my GunSearch Page to search for the term "Calico" at such great sites as,,, and others.

Q. Where can I get an accessory or replacement part for my Calico gun?

A. Contact Calico (See details and their parts price list here) or do a search on the GunSearch Page.

Also try S.K. Industries for Laser gun sights and Specialized Tactical Equipment.

Q. Where can I get a new drum magazine (not clip) for my Calico gun?

A. Calico now sells new magazines separately (See details and their parts price list here). Also, some dealers and others have them both new and used, and you can find many of them via my GunSearch Page.

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Also check issues of Shotgun News and Gun Digest.

Q. How much do Calico magazines cost?

A. See details and their parts price list here.

Q. Where can I get an owner's manual for my Calico firearm?

A1. Contact Calico (See details and their parts price list here).

A2. A person in Oklahoma has a unique aftermarket manual for sale.

Q. How much do Calico guns cost?
Q. What are Calico guns worth?

A. The short answer is, "Whatever a seller can get for them". The long answer is a bit more involved.

There are Blue Book Values, which I have posted an old values list here, or you can get the latest Blue Book values information here.

Also, there are actual market values, which you can find at various auction and classified sites via my GunSearch Page.

Q. Does Calico have a patent on their magazines?
A. Yes. It's patent number 4,738,183 here.

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