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Galil Copies in .22-caliber
revised November 4, 2015
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Galil-22 copies, as with most military copies, were/are made and/or imported by more than one company. Some are much better than others. Most of their parts seem to interchange pretty well, some perfectly. Here are some of the brands, importers, and models:

Some Brands & Importers
(alphabetical order)

Some Model Numbers
(alphabetical order)

  • Adler
  • Armi-Jager
  • Armscor?
  • Armscorp Precision?
  • Bingham?
  • E.M.F.
  • K.B.I.?
  • Kassnar?
  • Mitchell
  • Ruko?
  • Squires-Bingham?
  • AP-84
  • Galil-22


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War Paint Wall Clock - closeup
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Calico 9mm Shirt - closeup
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Accessories, Manuals & Parts
(these models are very similar to AK-47 types)
If you need accessories, manuals, and parts for these guns, also check the resources on the main page of this site. Also, some particularly useful sources for these models are shown below.

Owner's Manuals:

Exploded Parts Views:

Magazines & Parts

Forrest, Inc. ( - www.gunmags,com ) has WMP brand Squires-Bingham 15-round .22LR rifle mags priced at 6 for $89.50 or 12 for $160.00 and delivery is usually two weeks or so. Call: 619-561-5800 or 888-372-5968, Fax: 888-486-2547 or Write: Forrest, Inc. P.O. Box 326, Lakeside, CA 92040 Web site but THESE DO NOT FIT AP-74s! They're not listed on the Web site, but they do list them in their GunList ads.

A correspondent informs me that magazines intended for the Armscor Model 20 (and similar) 15-rounders will fit in the M-16, M-1600, AK-47/22, AK-22, and the various other similar and identical types. And these mags are usually cheaper.

The photo at left shows a comparison, and you can see that other than the "dummy" box part surrounding the bottom half, they look virtually identical.

It will look a bit funny in the rifle, but what the heck? It works! I would imagine that the mags would almost all be functional. One could even fashion a dummy box.

Another correspondent reports:

"I recently purchased an Armscor AK-22 which came with 1 10 round mag. I was able to purchase a couple 15 round mags which did not have the fake AK-47 type housing. I popped out the pin that was holding the 10 round mag in the fake housing. At the bottom was a cut off scrap of a magazine being used to shim up the 10 rounder. The fake housing was actually made for a 15 round magazine. I pulled the shim out with a needle nose plyers and slipped in the 15 rounder. It fits perfectly. Now all I need to do is drill a small hole through the fake housing and the bottom of the 15 round mag and put the pin back in the new hole. These 15 rounders fit without installing them in the fake housing; however they look better in the housing."

"The 10 round mags, complete with housing can be purchased from KBI for $31 including shipping and handling."

"I appreciate your website."


Also, upon examining the Squires - Bingham listing in the Gun Parts Corporation catalog, it's pretty obvious that a lot of the parts from the model 20 (and similar) will fit the M-16, M-1600, AK-47/22, AK-22, etc. Look under "Armscor Squires Bingham" and "Jaeger Kassnar" in the catalog's index. (I think the "Jaeger" is just "Jager" misspelled).

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Information, Specifications & Values

If you want to know more about these guns than the information I have here, also check the resources on the main page of this site.

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Disassembly Procedure

From "Soldier of Fortune" magazine, July 1987, "Assault Rifle Look-Alikes" by Peter G. Kokalis:

"Disassembly procedures are the same for the AK-22, Galil-22 and MAS-22. Remove the magazine and clear the chamber. Make sure the hammer is cocked. Push in the bolt stop/cover latch and lift off the receiver cover. Push the cup-shaped, recoil-spring holder forward about an inch and lift off the bolt stop/cover latch. Relieve pressure on the recoil spring and withdraw the recoil spring assembly to the rear. Retract the bolt fully rearward and lift up and out of the receiver. No further disassembly is required. Reassemble in the reverse order"

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See the Blue Book of Gun Values Online
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The retail values shown below are from the Blue Book of Gun Values are based on the NRA formula for percentage finish condition. These values usually vary from actual market prices.

Remember - value is often defined as what someone will pay for it! (MSRP stands for manufacturer's suggested retail price).

At least at some point in time, Mitchell and E.M.F. both seem to have imported the Armi Jager (Loano, Italy) models.

E.M.F. Galil (AP-84)
.22LR only, reproduction of the Israel Galil. Importation discontinued in 1989.

NRA Condition  Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values         295  250 200 175 155 145 135
last MSRP was $295

Mitchell Galil-22
Mitchell Arms was a manufacturer, importer, and distribtuor located at 2101 East 4th Street, Suite 201A, Santa Ana, CA, 92705. This rifle was available in .22LR and .22MAG, patterned after Galil semi-auto paramilitary design rifle, choice of wood stock or folding stock (new 19092). It was manufactured from 1987 to 1993.

NRA Condition Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values         285 240 195 160 150 140 130
last MSRP was $359

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Buying or Selling?
If you're looking to buy or sell one of these type rifles, I would advise that you check our GunSearch page, where you can do searches of several of the best gun-related classified ad and auctions sites. Here's some information about manufacturers, importers and dealers:

Past & Present Importers & Distributors

  • E.M.F.
  • Mitchell

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Here are some photos, in no particular order. I may have some of them labeled incorrectly, but it's the best I could do with the smattering of information I have.

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