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updated November 4, 2015
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M-16 Copies in .22LR


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Mandatory Tee - closeup
Reads "
Reagan Made Patriotism Cool Again. September 11th Made It Mandatory". The "War Paint" eagle stands guard against America's enemies. $17.99 CafePress

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War Paint Wall Clock - closeup
American Power and Pride! 10" wall clock, made in the USA, black frame. Uses AA battery (included). $14.99 CafePress

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Calico 9mm Shirt - closeup
As it fires, a Calico 9mm pistol is revealed in cutaway view. Reads
"Who needs 100-round magazines? I Do - I Own A Calico!" $16.99 CafePress


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Owner's Manuals $6 each

Please read the buying & selling section carefully and check out the sources & suggestions I give you. That's your best bet to finding what you need!

Brands & Models
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M-16 copies, as with most military copies, were/are made and/or imported by more than one company. Some are much better than others.

Most of their parts seem to interchange pretty well, some perfectly. It appears that Mitchell has imported both types of copies, so examination of Mitchell types is important if quality matters to you.

For reference on this page, I have classified the M-16 copies into "AP-74 types" and "Armscor types".

Here are some of the the companies and models:

Past & Present Manufacturer, Importers, Dealers & Distributors

  • Current Manufacturer
    Armscor (Arms Corporation of the Philippines)

  • Official Armscor World Distributors List

  • Current US Distributor
    Armscorp Precision (formerly in San Mateo, CA)
    new address & info:
    5329 South Cameron, Suite 110
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
    phone: (702) 362-7750
    fax: (702) 362-5019

  • Current US Distributor
    K.B.I., Inc., Harrisburg, PAK.B.I.
    P.O. Box 6625
    Harrisburg, PA 17112 USA
    Also see KBI's Web site at, but they may have dumped the Armscor stuff online in favor of Charles Daly items. You may have to call them..

  • 1990 to 1995 Ruko Sporting Goods, Inc., Buffalo, NY

Brands & Models

  • Armi-Jager AP-74 (several variants)
  • Armscor M-116, 116 MK1, M-16, M-16-22, M-1600, M-1600R
  • Armscorp Precision (current distributor)
  • Bingham (formerly in Georgia)
  • E.M.F. (they have no more parts)
  • Jaeger (Jager misspelled?)
  • Kassnar (now KBI)
  • Kassnar / Jager AP-15
  • Mitchell (the have some manuals, parts & accessories for Mitchell guns and the ones they imported)
  • Ruko (former importer)
  • Squires-Bingham (Armscor's official Philippines distributor)

Buying & Selling
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Please read this section carefully and check out the sources & suggestions I give you. That's your best bet to finding what you need!

When searching online for these guns, it is important to use various keywords and search wisely so you have a better chance of finding what you're looking for.

You have to think like the person posting the ad, and you have to take into account and search using common variations on brand names and model numbers, misspellings and typographical errors.

Examples: Some people put "ordinance" when they mean "ordnance". Some people say "clip" when they mean "magazine".

It is also important to search both the keyword and description fields when given the choice.

Your local gun dealer should be able to contact any major gun wholesaler or distributor and order any of the currently-manufactured models.

The Armscor M-1600 is currently available new, but it's post-ban with the 10-round mag. They're pictured in Gun List and Shotgun News.

And a distributor may also be able to find some "new-in-the-box" "older" (discontinued) rifles, too. One wholesaler Davidson's, Inc.

With that said, here are the places online you are most likely to find one of these:

Less likely places, but still worth checking:

  • Gun List Classified Ads (or
    (Select the publication "Gun List" first, then enter search terms. It's best to search all categories. Even better, get a printed copy so you can check out all the ads from the dealers. A good paper search will take some time, and I bet you'll enjoy it!)
  • Shotgun News Classifieds
    (I prefer Gun List. I rarely find what I want in Shotgun News' online or paper classifieds, but it might be worth trying. It's best to search a printed copy so you can check out all the ads from the dealers.)
  • Usenet Newsgroups "rec.guns" and ""
    If the above links do not work, you need to configure your new reader. Or better yet, access them via
    Google Groups
    (You can post your request on these newsgroups, but it's best to search them first to see if your question has already been answered. This saves a lot of bandwidth across the Internet.)

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From the "
Soldier of Fortune" magazine article in the July 1987 issue, "Assault Rifle Look-Alikes" by Peter G. Kokalis:

"Disassembly procedures are the same for the AK-22, Galil-22 and MAS-22. Remove the magazine and clear the chamber. Make sure the hammer is cocked. Push in the bolt stop/cover latch and lift off the receiver cover. Push the cup-shaped, recoil-spring holder forward about an inch and lift off the bolt stop/cover latch. Relieve pressure on the recoil spring and withdraw the recoil spring assembly to the rear. Retract the bolt fully rearward and lift up and out of the receiver. No further disassembly is required. Reassemble in the reverse order"

Exploded Views
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click image(s) for full-sized in new window or right click to save

click for full-sized in new window
Jager - Kassnar AP-15 (most parts interchange with the AP-74)

click for full-sized in new window
Armscor & Squires-Bingham types M16, M1600, etc.

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Please read the
buying & selling section carefully and check out the sources & suggestions I give you. That's your best bet to finding what you need!

15-Round .22LR Magazines for
Armscor / Squires-Bingham Style Rifles

Forrest, Inc. ( - www.gunmags,com ) has WMP brand Squires-Bingham 15-round .22LR rifle mags priced at 6 for $89.50 or 12 for $160.00 and delivery is usually two weeks or so. Call: 619-561-5800 or 888-372-5968, Fax: 888-486-2547 or Write: Forrest, Inc. P.O. Box 326, Lakeside, CA 92040 Web site but THESE DO NOT FIT AP-74s! They're not listed on the Web site, but they do list them in their GunList ads.

Here are photos of some of the mags for the M-16 copies:

AP-74 Types

click fro full-sized
AP-74 15-round standard mag (click for full-sized)

click for full-sized
AP-74 15-round extended mag (click for full-sized)

click fro full-sized
AP-74 8-round short mag (click for full-sized)

click for full-sized
AP-74 short mag well (click for full-sized)

Armscor Types

A correspondent informs me that magazines intended for the Armscor Model 20 (and similar) 15-rounders will fit in the M-16, M-1600, AK-47/22, AK-22, and the various other similar and identical types. And these mags are usually cheaper. The M-116 magazine is shown in the this photo:

In the comparison photo below, you can see that other than the "dummy" box part which surrounds the bottom half, they look virtually identical.

It will look a bit funny in the rifle, but what the heck? It works! I would imagine that the mags would almost all be functional. One could even fashion a dummy box.

Good shot of the Armscor type M-1600 mag

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Please read the
buying & selling section carefully and check out the sources & suggestions I give you. That's your best bet to finding what you need!

NOTE: The last remaining supply of AP-74 parts was sold out as of 2002-2003 and they are no longer available.

That having been said, here are some possible sources for these parts:

  • Owner's Manuals

  • Pacific International Service Company
    PISCO has an assortment of Armscor parts (which will fit most of the the Mitchell and Squires-Bingham types, too) but they do not have manuals. It's best to call them, but if you e-mail them, follow it up with a phone call if they don't get back to you.
    Pacific International Service Company
    1455B N. Hemlock St.
    Coquille, OR 97423
    Phone (541) 396-5558
    Fax (541) 396-2347

  • Gun Parts Corporation has many parts. Upon examining the Squires - Bingham listing in the Gun Parts Corporation catalog, it's pretty obvious that a lot of the parts from the model 20 (and similar) will fit the M-16, M-1600, AK-47/22, AK-22, etc. Look under "Armscor Squires Bingham" and "Jaeger Kassnar" in the catalog's index. (Always look for "Jaeger" and "Jager").

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To keep page-loading times down, only a few photos are presented here. For more photos, see
the photos page.

WARNING - the photos page is slow to load, but it has all my best photos of M-16 copies.

Armi-Jager AP-74CAR with collapsible stock

Armscor / Bingham type M-1600

Specification Data
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Current M-1600 Specifications from
Armscor's Web Site:

"M-1600: Cal. 22 LR, 10/15 rds. mag., post front sight, peep rear sight, M16 style, black finish wood stock, with plastic butt pad"

"M-1600R: Cal. 22 LR, 10/15 rds. mag., post front sight, peep rear sight, black finish wood stock, hooded barrel, retractable butt, with plastic grip "

Also see the values section below for some data on specific older models.

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NOTE: The following are NOT my words.
These tips come from visitors who have e-mailed me. I did a lot of editing & formatting for editorial purposes, but these are only the opinions of the original authors, who will always remain anonymous when paraphrased here. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

"I noticed that at times the bolt would hang on the hammer with weak or old or substandard ammunition. What I did to cure the problem was to use a Dremel moto tool and a buffing wheel setup and completely mirror the finish on the hammer face as well as the bolt rail and tracks and outer bolt surface.

I used red and dark red jeweler's rouges for this purpose. It takes time to get the mirror finish and only takes off a very minute amount of metal to get the mirrored finish. All the other grits such as green or brown will eat metal fast, creating grooves or pits you don't want.

When you're done, clean the bolt thoroughly and polish it out with a cotton towel. Then use Teflon grease sparingly on the surfaces. If you put on too much grease, it will blow back in your eye. The grease stops the bolt from binding on the hammer face and rails, and generally makes it a faster lock time as well.

For feeding and jam problems, what I found was that bending the mag lips a little bit helps to keep the cartridge from taking a chunk of lead of the bullet nose. Also, shifting the ejector tab carefully up and to the right helps. Be careful, though, mine did break and I had cut one from brass just in case.

When loading the magazine, push the rounds in. When a lip on the case is not set right it will pull the round under it up and jam. I never use the screw head on the side for the loading only UNLOADING.

To tighten up the groups if you notice slop at the forward pivot point where the through bolt between receivers is, cut a shim from very thin sheet metal brass. I just made one washer from a piece of .010" brass shim stock and that worked great.

I had some looseness in the rear takedown pin that I didn't care for at all. I had very carefully drilled mine through on a press for an exact fit on a stainless steel pin measuring .312". You must have the receiver in a clamp holding the upper and lower together so when the job is done it will be correctly mated with no gap and no slop. On one side I lightly peened the edge of the hole so it will only come out one way. You can also drill the pin and insert a ball and a spring as in the original.

For those who are attempting this without a drill press and adjustable straight reamer bit, or an exact size bit .310 and over sized pin stock, DONT DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE PROFFICIENT! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOMEONE DOING A SHODDY JOB.

The pin when finished should be tough to push through. This needs to be as close as you can get to tolerance to remove all of the play.

I have also taken the front sight pin from a flat top combat sight and turned it to a point just about save a 1/64" inch flat top. This makes for a more accurate target pinpoint. I use also a B-Square standard-issue AR-15/M-16 scope mount on mine. It works well and it does return to zero every time. On the hole for the mount screw, I exchanged the original mount bolt for one that has a bigger knob for easier removal and tightening for my Bushnell4x banner scope.

After everything else was done I had tightened this rifle up to a be tack driver again. I had also crushed all the problems I had.

Gun Parts Corp. lists this rifle as the Kassnar AP-15. They show the first type on the breakdown sheet with type 1 swinging safety ref #72 at $10.35, not pushbutton. This will fit all AP-74's. Also, the ejector sheet metal on the post (mounted with a screw) is ref #74 and it lists at $5.15. The screw is ref #75 and lists at $1.55.

After 6 years of trying to get parts from Gun Parts Corp., I gave up. They never have any parts in stock.

If you have a loose receiver, clamp the upper and lower together at the top and bottom, then remove the takedown pin. Next, carefully drill and straight ream the receiver for a .312 stainless steel pin. This removes all play between the two. Next at the forward pivot point, I inserted a cut washer made from .010" brass shim stock. That removed the side play."

- anonymous

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See the Blue Book of Gun Values Online
now download free & low-cost info about your gun from the Blue Book

The retail values shown below are from the Blue Book of Gun Values are based on the NRA formula for percentage finish condition. These values usually vary differently from actual market prices. for market prices see the sources mentioned in the "buying & selling" section above.

Remember - value is often defined as what someone will pay for it! (MSRP stands for manufacturer's suggested retail price).

Armi-Jager / E.M.F. types

AP-74 - .22LR or .32ACP caliber copy of the Colt AR-15, semi-auto, 15-shot magazine, 20" barrel, 6-3/4 lbs., importation discontinued in 1989. Last MSRP was $295. Add $25 for .32-caliber.

NRA Condition Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values   ---   295 250 200 175 155 145 135

AP-74 Sporter Carbine - Wood sporter stock, importation discontinued in 1989. Last MSRP was $320.

NRA Condition Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values   ---   320 275 225 195 175 160 140

AP-74 Paramilitary Paratrooper Carbine - .22LR only, folding wire stock, black nylon on paramilitary design model, importation discontinued in 1987. Last MSRP was $325. Add $10 for wood folding stock.

NRA Condition Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values   ---   260 190 175 165 155 145 135

AP-74 "Dressed" Military Model - with Cyclops scope, Colt bayonet, sling, and bipod, importation discontinued in 1986. Last MSRP was $450.

NRA Condition Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values   ---   330 265 240 220 200 185 170

Armscor types

Armscor M-1600 - .22LR semi-auto, 15-shot magazine, 20-3/4" barrel, copy of the Armalite M16, ebony stock, 5-1/4 lbs.

NRA Condition Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values    196  155 120  95  75  65  55  50

Armscor M-1600R - similar to M-1600, except has stainless steel retractable butt stock and vented barrel hood, 7-1/4 lbs. Importation discontinued in 1995.

NRA Condition Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values    199  155 115  95 fs 75  65  55  50


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