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NOTE: This page is slow to load due to a large number of photos. Also, I may very well have some of these misidentified. Ooops!

Photos: M-16 Copies in .22LR

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Mitchell M-16A-1/22 (sorry - my only photo - notice how forestock is not tapered?)

Armi-Jager AP-74 - picture is unremarkable except for the extended magazine

Armi-Jager AP-74 with sling, 4 nice sitck mags, and the original manual

The basic AP-74

With the hood up & bolt removed


Pretty good closeup

I just like this photo...

Not a bad shot if you ignore the background
(I always obscure readable serial numbers)

Close-up of how the grenade/flare launcher connects

Business end of the grenade/flare launcher

I believe this model is called the Commando .32ACP version?

A little larger view



Closer still

AP-74CAR short carbine with collapsable buttstock
(one of my two personal favorites)


Serial number side of the AP-74CAR

AP-74CAR fitted with scope & sling

Closer view

Sliding (collapsable) buttstock is nifty

The other side

My other personal favorite - the Paratrooper, with folding wire stock

With higher-capacity mag and buttstock half folded

With wire stock extended

The other side

Very cool indeed!

Shot of the standard AP-74 2-piece handguard

Some of M-16 Toys

M-16 hat pin

A little M-16 charm I picked up on eBay.
I used to wear it every day.

Just had to have this, too. Ihas a sling and a detachable magazine! Evil!

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This is the Armscor M-116, an precursor to the M-1600

M-116 stripped down

M-116 with scope

M-116 close up

Armscor / Squires-Bingham type M-1600 / M-16/22

Real M-16 on top, Armscor type copy on top

Another Armscor / Squires-Bingham type M-1600 / M-16/22


And again

Armscor / Squires-Bingham / Mitchell M-1600R with retractable / collapsable wire stock

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