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FAMAS/MAS Copies in .22-caliber
revised November 4, 2015
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Jager AP-85 by Adler of Italy, 30-round magazine in .22LR
(thanks to Powderburnz for uploading this
photo to the
Century Arms Picture Gallery)

FAMAS stands for "Fusil Automatique, Manufacture d'Armes de St. Etienne".

FAMAS copies, as with most military copies, have been made and/or imported by more than one company. Some are much better than others. Most of their parts seem to interchange pretty well, some perfectly. The photos and notes at the bottom of the page will help you tell some of them apart. It appears that Mitchell has imported both types of copies, so examination of Mitchell types is important if quality matters to you. Here are some of the brands, importers, and models:

Some Possible Brands
and Importers
(alphabetical order)

Some Model Numbers
(alphabetical order)

  • Adler?
  • Armi-Jager
  • Armscor
  • Armscorp Precision
  • Bingham
  • E.M.F.
  • K.B.I.
  • Kassnar
  • Mitchell
  • Ruko
  • Squires-Bingham
  • AP85
  • AP-85
  • FAMAS-22


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Mandatory Tee - closeup
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War Paint Wall Clock - closeup
American Power and Pride! 10" wall clock, made in the USA, black frame. Uses AA battery (included). $14.99 CafePress

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Calico 9mm Shirt - closeup
As it fires, a Calico 9mm pistol is revealed in cutaway view. Reads
"Who needs 100-round magazines? I Do - I Own A Calico!" $16.99 CafePress


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Accessories, Manuals & Parts
If you need accessories, manuals, and parts for these guns, also check the resources on the main page of this site. Also, some particularly useful sources for these models are shown below.

Owner's Manuals:


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Information, Specifications & Values
If you want more information than I have here, also check the resources on the main page of this site.

Imported from Italy by Mitchell Arms as the MAS-22 (ore M.A.S. .22 or similar names.


.22LR caliber, barrel length 450mm (17.75"), overall length 710mm (28"), magazine capacity 30 rounds, weight 3.4kg (7.5 pounds), blowback operation.

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Disassembly Procedure

From "Soldier of Fortune" magazine, July 1987, "Assault Rifle Look-Alikes" by Peter G. Kokalis:

"Disassembly procedures are the same for the AK-22, Galil-22 and MAS-22. Remove the magazine and clear the chamber. Make sure the hammer is cocked. Push in the bolt stop/cover latch and lift off the receiver cover. Push the cup-shaped, recoil-spring holder forward about an inch and lift off the bolt stop/cover latch. Relieve pressure on the recoil spring and withdraw the recoil spring assembly to the rear. Retract the bolt fully rearward and lift up and out of the receiver. No further disassembly is required. Reassemble in the reverse order"

The retail values shown below are from the Blue Book of Gun Values are based on the NRA formula for percentage finish condition. These values usually vary from actual market prices. For market prices, you can do searches at various gun auction at classified ad sites via our GunSearch Page.

Remember - value is often defined as what someone will pay for it! (MSRP stands for manufacturer's suggested retail price).

Armscor M-AK22(S)
18-1/2" barrel, 10-round magazine (15-round mag discontinued), mahogany stock & forearm, 7 lbs.

NRA Condition  Retail 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Retail Values  $215   185  155 130 110 90  80  75

Past / Present Manufacturers, Importers & Distributors


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Here are some photos, in no particular order. I may have some of them labeled incorrectly, but it's the best I could do with the smattering of information I have.

The first two photos are from:

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Armi-Jager Jaeger AK22 AK-22 AMT A.M.T. AM180 AM-180 Armscor Armscorp AK47 AK-47/22 Calico American 180 Auto-Ordnance Ordinance CAR-15 Feather AP74 AP-74 Bingham .22LR .22-caliber Galil-22 Federal Engineering Corporation FEC F.E.C. AP80 AP-80 EMF E.M.F. M1 M-1 carbine Mitchell Assault 22 Erma M116 M-116 U.S. Arms AT22 AT-22 Jaeger M16 M-16 CAR15 CAR-15/22 K.B.I. M1600 M-1600 Lightning Kassnar M1600R M-1600R LW22 LW-22 Mitchell M16R M-16R M100 M-100 Squires-Bingham M1927A3 M1927-A3 M100FS M-100FS MAK22 MAK22F MAK-22 M100P M-100P MAK-22F M100S M-100S M.A.S. F.A.M.A.S. MAS FAMAS M105 Sporter M-105 PPSh41 PPS-h41 PPSh1941 PPS M110 M-110 PPS30 PPS-30 M16A3 M-16A3 PPS50 PPS-50 SAR180 SAR-180 XC220 XC-220

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