AP-74 SAMPLE.22LR Rifle Owner's Manual Copies $6 each

updated November 13, 2015

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Covers the 180-round American 180 semi-automatic and should cover the automatic version and fairly well.


Covers copies of the AK-47 such as the Armscor Squires Bingham AK-47/22, AK-22, MAK-22, and MAK-22FS made in the Philippines.


Covers the Armi-Jager / EMF / Mitchell AP-74 and other variants variants made in Italy.


Covers copies of the AK-47 such as the Armi-Jager AP-80, Bingham AK-22 and Mitchell variants made in Italy.


Covers the pre-ban Feather AT-22 .22LR carbine.


Covers Mitchell Arms M-16A/22 & CAR-15/22 .22LR copies of the M-16.


Covers the Armscor, Squires-Bingham and similar Philippine-made copies including M-1600, M-116, and others on the M-16 copy page.


Covers the retractable-stock Armscor, Squires-Bingham and similar Philippine-made copies including M-1600R, M-116R, and others on the M-16 copy page.


Covers .22LR copies of the Russian PPS including the PPS/30 by Mitchell Arms and other similar brands and models.


Covers original Auto-Ordnance (now owned by Kahr Arms) "Thompson" models 9mm models 1927 A-1 deluxe, 1927A-1C lightweight, 1927 A-3 (.22 rifle), 1927 A-5 pistol, 1928 full auto, M1 full-auto, and M1 semi-auto.


Includes ALL of these rifle manuals on one CD-ROM. This only works in US computers as far as I know.


Exclusive Calico Stainless Steel
.22LR Magazine Springs

Replacement .22LR stainless steel magazine spring for Calico models M-100 M-100FS M-100P M-100S M-105 M-110 M-111 (M100 M100FS M100P M100S M105 M110 M111) $22.95 postpaid (free shipping) order form

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Models covered: at the "Rockin' Rimfires" site for fans of military-copy & paramilitary-style rifles in .22LR with information, photos / pictures, parts & accessories sources for brands & models listed here:

BRANDS, VARIATIONS, AND VARYING SPELLINGS OF MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS INCLUDE: Adler, American 180, American Industries, Armi-Jager, Armscor, Armscorp Precision, Inc., Arms Corp. of the Philippines, Arms Corporation of the Philippines, Auto-Ordnance, Auto Ordnance, Auto-Ordinance, Auto Ordinance, Bingham Ltd., Bingham, Ltd., Calico, Calico Light Weapon Systems, Calico Light Weapons Systems, EMF, E.M.F., California Instrument Co., California Instrument Company, FEC, F.E.C., FAMAS-22, Feather Industries, Feather Industries Inc., Feather Industries, Incorporated, Feather Industries Incorporated, Feather USA, Federal Engineering Corporation, Federal Engineering Corporation, Ilarco, ILARCO, Illinois Arms Company, Illinois Arms Co., Iver-Johnson, Iver Johnson, Jager, Jaeger, KBI, KBI Inc., KBI, Inc., KBI Incorporated, KBI, Incorporated, K.B.I. Incorporated, K.B.I., Incorporated, K.B.I., Kassnar, Mitchell Arms, Inc., Ruko, Ruko-Armscor, Ruko Products, Inc., Squires Bingham, Squires-Bingham, Thompson, Tommy Triple K, Triple-K specifications

MODELS, VARIATIONS & VARYING SPELLINGS INCLUDE: AMT Lightning, A.M.T. Lightning, AK22, AK-22, AK-47/22, AK47-22, AK47/22, American180, AR-180, AR180, AM180, AM-180, AP74, AP-74, AP 74, AP74, Commando, AP-74 Commando, AP 74 Commando, AP75, AP-75, AP80, AP-80, AP 80, AP-84, AP84, AP 84, AT22, AT-22, Calico 100, CAR15-22, CAR15/22, CAR-15/22, CAR-15/22, F2, F-2, French FAMAS, French F.A.M.A.S., French MAS, French M.A.S., Galil-22, Galil-22mag, Kalashnikov AK47, Kalashnikov AK-47, KG22, KG-22, LW22, LW-22, Lightning, MAK22, MAK-22, M-AK22, MAK-47, MAK-47/22, M100, M-100, M100P, M100P, M100S, M-100S, M100P, M-100P, M101, M-101, M105, M-105, M105 Sporter, M-105 Sporter, M106, M-106, M-111,M110, M0-110, M111, M100S, M-100S, M100FS, M100FS, M100S, M-100S, M-16, M16A3, M-16A3, M-16/A3, M-1600, M1600, M-1600R, M1600R, M1927A3, M1927A-3, M1927-A3, M-1927A3, M-1927-A3, M20, M-20, PPS, PPS 30, PPS 50, PPS/30, PPS/50, SAR180, SAR-180, 1927 A3, 1927A-3, 1927A3