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There are many "tips" and videos online which depict cleaning methods and paper inserts as solutions. These methods only work if there is moisture or grease or damage in the areas the tips highlight. Many folks are fooled into thinking these "solutions" work because the "SE" problem can be intermittent until it fails for good.

Unless there is grease or moisture, etc. on the control circuit board or keypad strip, the " SE " error means you have a shorting membrane keypad. Sometimes they can be intermittent, but replacement is the only solution.

Samsung has released an official service bulletin detailing the only correct repair procedure for the listed models of microwaves when they develop an intermittent or constant " SE " error (sometimes erroneously called a " 5E " error).

NOTE: The information in this bulletin supersedes all relevant information found in each affected model's service manual.



The " SE " error is reported by the microwave's software whenever one or more keys on the keypad are pressed or shorted for more than 60 seconds. An "SE" condition can result in the microwave oven running on its own, which can result (and has allegedly resulted) in house fires. So until your oven is repaired, please leave it unplugged, or at the very least, leave the door open so it can't run.

And before you begin working on your microwave or any other electrical item, read my important safety information and also note that, in Samsung's words:

"This information is published for informational purposes only and intended for use only by personnel qualified for the specific tasks depicted. Qualified personnel are those who, based on their training and experience, are capable of identifying risks and avoiding potential hazards when handling or servicing a product. Only qualified personnel should repair products powered by electricity. Any attempt to handle, service or repair the product or products by anyone other than qualified personnel could result in serious injury or death. You agree that your use of and reliance on this information is at your sole risk. This information is subject to change or update without notice. There are no warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of this information."



Your full model number is normally located on a tag inside the cooking cavity. Note the difference between a model number and a model code. When you remove your control panel assembly, if the model code tag on the keypad strip says something other than " XAA " please contact me before ordering parts. The model code tag is found on the keypad's connector strip, and is visible only when the control panel assembly has been removed.

model code tag - click for full-sized

NOTE: If you can't see the label on your keypad strip, you may need to remove the board from the metal frame, then remove the metal frame. How-to video here.

model number & FCC ID tag - click for full-sized

If your model number is not listed and you need help, or there is a mistake, please... contact me at no charge but please do not call. Instead e-mail me for free technical help and please include the full model number and FCC ID number from the tag of your oven, plus your detailed symptoms, and also when they happen. Click the mail link at the top right of my home page to contact me. (If you call, there's no easy way to communicate the information you need, especially the photos and links I'll provide you!)

The list below shows each model number affected, and to its right is the part number you need to order.  If a model number is underlined in red, you can click the link to download that model's service manual for even more precise disassembly and repair information for other problems.



You can order appliance parts and accessories from several sources, but here are my favorites*, in order of preference: Appliance Parts Pros, Sears Parts Direct, and Encompass. (You can check all three for the best price and availability.)



  1. find your model number from the tag in or on your oven (you can search this page using Ctrl-F or Cmd-F)
  2. copy the part number next to your model number
  3. paste your part number in part search box on the PART ORDER PAGE

SMH1611B     DE94-02411A
SMH1611P     DE94-02411C
SMH1611S     DE94-02411D
SMH1611W     DE94-02411B
SMH1622B DE94-02411A
SMH1622S DE94-02411D
SMH1622W DE94-02411B
SMH1713B     DE94-02411E
SMH1713W     DE94-02411F
SMH1713S     DE94-02411G
SMH1816B     DE94-02517A
SMH1816W     DE94-02517B
SMH1816S     DE94-02517C
SMH7174BC     DE94-00939D     similar service manual **
SMH7174WC     DE94-00939E
     similar service manual **
SMH7174BE     DE94-00939N
     similar service manual **
SMH7174WE     DE94-00939P
     similar service manual **
SMH7185BG     DE94-01614A     similar service manual 1 ** | similar service manual 2 **
SMH7185WG     DE94-01614B    
similar service manual 1 | ** similar service manual 2 **
SMH7185STG     DE94-01614C     service manual 1 | service manual 2 ***
SMH7187STG     DE94-01614C     similar service manual **
SMH8165B     DE94-01806A     service manual
SMH8165W     DE94-01806B     service manual
SMH8165ST     DE94-01806C     service manual 1 | service manual 2 ***
SMH8165STE     DE94-01806C     service manual
SMH9151B     DE94-01806H     service manual 1 | service manual 2 **
* | service manual 3 ***
SMH9151W     DE94-01806J     service manual 1 | service manual 2 ***
SMH9151S     DE94-01806K     service manual
SMH9151ST     DE94-01806L     similar service manual **
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ (NOTE: If the Pros don't have this part anymore, Sears had it last time I checked.)
SMH9151BE     DE94-01806M     service manual 1 | service manual 2 ***
SMH9151WE     DE94-01806N     service manual
SMH9151STE     DE94-01806P     service manual
SMH9187B     DE94-02001A     service manual
SMH9187W     DE94-02001B    
service manual 1 | service manual 2
SMH9187ST     DE94-02001C     service manual
SMK9175ST     DE94-01407D


On the following models, you don't replace the frame assembly, instead you can replace either the membrane switch or the door assembly, your choice:

SMH9207ST    DE34-00333A membrane switch (ref. C004) OR DE94-02095A door assembly (ref. D049) service manual | replacing membrane keypads (general info)

** a "similar service manual" will be helpful for safety warnings and disassembly help, but part numbers may differ from yours - always use part number on this page

*** additional service manuals may contain more information than the first, but part numbers may differ from yours - always use part number on this page


See the safety information near the top first!

My (old but helpful) video below shows you how to remove the control panel assembly from most over the range microwave oven brands.

But on these and other Samsung and GE models, if you have any trouble getting the grille off once the screws are removed, slide the hood vent grille to the left about 1/4", then then pull it forward. (On some models there are L-shaped clips that fit into a slot to hold bottom of the vent.)

Be careful unlocking and disconnecting the keypad strip. Other connectors have locks, too.

Once your board is out of your old control panel frame, move it to the panel assembly, but be careful since the display is made of glass. If you break the glass, you will need a new board!



I have over 30 years' of experience in electronic design and repair. These really are my favorite suppliers, due to several factors such as price, inventory, warranty, return policy, etc. I am an affiliate of these suppliers, but I would recommend them even if I weren't. When you click on one of my part links and order a part or accessory, I do receive a small commission, which I appreciate as a "thank you" for my helping you save money and effectively repair your appliances. But I am in no way affiliated with Samsung.