Repair Form - Microwave Oven Control Panel Repair By Mail
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- please use the up-to-date repair form
form revised October 12, 2016)

Please enclose "technical sheet" from behind control panel or grille
(not necessary for Dacor or Sharp models)





State_____________________ ZIP___________


Home* Phone_____________________________
prefer landline # if address confirmation needed)

FCC ID # _______________________
(also found on model tag - not needed for Sharp or Dacor)

Brand ________ Model ___________

Thinking Priority Mail? I do NOT recommend "Flat Rate" boxes from the local Post Office unless you are from the West Coast, Alaska, or Hawaii and your shipment weighs several pounds.

Instead I recommend their FREE Priority Mail Box # 7 from their Web site here. They ship them to you FREE and you can share excess boxes with the local Post Office to help other customers save money.

Ship your well-packed, cushioned entire control panel assembly with check** or money order** payable to:

William E. Miller
110 Groce Road
La Fayette, GA 30728

Please use the up-to-date repair form
form revised October 12, 2016)

To pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal, check your choice below, send your unit with this form (but without payment), then we will e-mail you a payment form or invoice.

I want to pay by (check one): ___ check / money order (see below) ___PayPal ___credit / debit card

PayPal e-mail ___________________________________

I'm pre-paying $_____._____ via: ___enclosed check        ___ money order ___cash (at your own risk)

 *** Any excess payment will be refunded. Or choose PayPal or credit / debit card above.

** Checks and money orders are deposited (not "cashed") as they are received, and thus will typically clear before repair completed. $30 service charge for all returned / cancelled checks and card chargebacks.

Trouble: (please check one or more)

    ___ LCD display is out, intermittent, goes out at times; or segments or digits missing
    WARNING: G.E. owners - it may be the magnetron - see this information or E-mail us
    Advantium owners please also send your low voltage transformer - see this image

    ___ VFD display is fairly even but dim or has been getting dimmer over time
    WARNING: Please contact us first with your brand & model - E-mail us

    ___ cook top lights / under-hood lights / fan / turntable not working properly
    WARNING: Please check your bulbs, sockets & wiring, too.

    ___ DEAD or seemingly dead (you may add $25*** in a separate check in case parts are needed - if not needed, it will be returned)
    WARNING: Please check fuse & thermostat(s), TCOs, thermal fuse first if possible - E-mail us

    ___ F2 or F3 or -SE- code or keys not working on keypad
    WARNING: Please E-mail us first with your model number first for quote

    ___ F6 code or NO HEAT (you may add $25***  in a separate check in case parts are needed - if not needed, it will be returned)

    ___ button assembly weak, loose or broken (R1500-series units - add $15 for new & improved button assembly) PLEASE visually check your buttons (bottom 2 especially) before shipping

    ___ other (please specify) ________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE X___________________________________________________________________ date____________
By signing above OR by utilizing this service, you are agreeing to our policies and terms of service as outlined on our Web pages and you agree that: You are at least 18 years of age; you understand the risks which you solely, personally, and freely assume by choosing to take apart and reassemble your microwave oven; you have read and understand the terms of this service and the safety warnings from; you hereby hold the Web site owner Wm E. Miller harmless and blameless for any consequences arising from your decision to take apart and reassemble your microwave oven; you hereby authorize the repair of your unit if costs do not exceed your prepayment, in which case you will be notified for your approval first; and any excess prepayment will be refunded, and you agree to the terms of our one-year repair guarantee. We do provide status updates by e-mail only when your unit's status changes, not by request and of course when it ships. We normally take repairs in date order, as they are received. Please be sure you understand this paragraph before proceeding.